Time is money, so stop trying to do it all yourself and let us help. What would probably take you most of an afternoon, could take us mere minutes to accomplish. So you focus on what you are good at, and let us focus on what we are good at. We are proud of seeing through EVERY SINGLE claim that we submit on your behalf, and we are even more proud to GET YOU PAID for ALL of your work. We use My Clients Plus practice management software, and we provide you with real time information on what is happening with your billing and client activity. We make it easy to get started and have NO SET UP FEES, so don’t wait. Our billing service includes:

  • Initial verification of patient eligibility and benefits
  • Electronic billing of primary and secondary insurances; or on paper for those insurances that do not accept electronic submissions.
  • Out of network billing on behalf of clients
  • Tracking of client and insurance payments
  • Counting the number of remaining sessions covered by insurance, assistance with service authorizations, and the creation of reminder lists if needed
  • Generating client invoices or insurance superbills
  • Monitoring your practice statistics to keep track of revenue, number of sessions, type of session and other important metrics; monthly reports with itemized summary of billing details to Provider
  • Monthly patient invoicing if requested
  • ICD 10 and DSM-5 ready software and billing practices
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Access to online portal to view client information and billing information 24 hrs per day/7 days per week