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Provider Stakeholders Meeting!

The original meeting was at the end of December 2016…but there are updates!  See the link, and happy Wednesday!  And by the way, it is slides 3 and 4 that are revised…  🙂    

Handy Info if you bill through the NC Tracks portal…

Be in the know!  Make sure you have read this bulletin if you are trying to get paid for your NC Health Choice clients! Click here for the news! HAPPY FRIDAY!

December 1, 2016 Implementation date! ATTN Medicaid Providers!

See the link for details, but here is a quick summary: Implementation Date for the New Records Management and Documentation Manual – December 1, 2016 The implementation date for the Third Edition of the Records Management and Documentation Manual has been delayed until December 1, 2016 so that the new edition is available to LME-MCOs and providers 90 days prior to implementation.    The newly revised edition of the RM&DM and the appendix represent the culmination of many months of […]

NC Medicaid Reform Update…

Just in from the Governor’s office…CLICK HERE.

Be in the know!

Do you know about the Clinical Coverage Policy No 8c, and the amendments that were made effective on October 1, 2015?  Did you know licensed clinicians can sign their own service orders for outpatient therapy?  Take a look HERE for all the details.

NC Medicaid Reform ! FAQs updated 3/30/2016-Page 2 is for Providers! Gotta Read!

Click HERE for FAQs.  Don’t wait!

Do you have input on NC’s draft Medicaid reform path?

The NC Department of Health and Human Services is seeking input on North Carolina’s draft Medicaid reform path…Here is your chance!  Click HERE to learn where the public hearings will be.  You can also go HERE to share any comments you  may have.

NC MCOs to Consolidate

In case you have not heard, click here for the scoop.  If you are a Medicaid provider in the state of NC you are going to want to know this!  I have attached the official announcement letter from Richard Brajer here.